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Volcano Roll


Smoked salmon, shrimp, crab salad, baked top with crab stick, spicy sauce and eel sauce.

Custom:TO GO No Spicy Spicy Hot Extra Hot Thai Hot gluten free vegan sauce on side less spicy
Sushi NO:lite rice no spicy sauce no eel sauce no sriacha no jalapeno no green onion no tempura no masago no bacon no cucumber no avocado no cream cheese
Sushi ADD:soy paper +$1.50cucumber wrap +$3deep fry +$2extra crab salad +$3add avocado +$1add bacon +$1add cream cheese +$1add jalapeno +$0.50add cucumber +$0.50add spicy mayo +$0.50add eel sauce +$0.50add tempura +$0.50

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