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Opor Ayam


Chicken slowly simmered in yellow curry sauce and herbs. Served with yellow rice (rice steamed with coconut milk, lemon grass and turmeric)

Custom:TO GO No Spicy Spicy Hot Extra Hot Thai Hot gluten free vegan sauce on side less spicy
Extra Protein:Extra Chicken +$2Extra Tofu +$2Extra Vegetables +$2Extra Beef +$2Extra Shrimp +$3Extra Egg +$2
Opor Ayam Mods:white rice no rice brown rice no rice, sub side of steamed vegetables no rice, sub side noodles no chicken, sub tofu no chicken, sub beef +$2no chicken, sub shrimp +$3no chicken, sub vegetables
Entree:no vegetable no egg no onion add avocado +$1no tomato no green bean No Mushroom extra broccoli

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